A Lanús player denounced racist insults during the match with Talleres and Girotti took over and apologized

“I am not nor do I deserve comments of this nature,” said Colombian Felipe Aguilar. The former River, who had not been named, came out to answer him.

The defender of Lanús Philip Aguilar denounced that he received racist insults from a Talleres footballer during the game that both teams played last night for the Professional League. A few hours later, the striker Frederick Girotti He took charge of the complaint and apologized in the same way.

Through his Instagram account, the Colombian player of the Garnet issued a strong disclaimer and revealed that he received racist insults about the end of the match on Saturday night in Strength.

“I strongly repudiate the racist attacks against me tonight in the match against Talleres de Córdoba in the Argentine league. I am not and do not deserve comments of this nature ‘shitty black Colombian’,” Aguilar wrote.

Lanús went down to Talleres in La Fortaleza. Press photo Lanús

“Yes, proudly Colombian, representing my country in foreign lands, but this situation is unpresentable. Racism on the pitch by another player was what I experienced tonight in La Fortaleza and I repudiate any act of racism against me. or against someone else, as has already been seen on several occasions”added Aguilar, who has been playing for Lanús since mid-2022.

Lanús also published a message on its official channels for what happened: “At Club Lanús we condemn any manifestation of racism and express our full support for the player Felipe Aguilar. Football is synonymous with equality and respect on and off the field of play. That’s what we say #BastaDeRacismo”.

At the end of the game that Lanús beat Talleres 2-1, Aguilar complained to referee Fernando Rapallini that he had received racist insults and a riot broke out among some players.

Girotti, who was not named by Aguilar but was one of those targeted for the insults, also expressed himself on social networks and apologized.

Federico Girotti se hizo cargo. Photo: Archive

“I’m going here to apologize for the incident that happened yesterday against Lanús. I take care of what I said, understanding that it was a back and forth of words, believing that it was going to be part of the game”, the player who is on loan from River Plate.

“I have to do a mea culpa and understand that everything evolves and changes”added the striker.

Girotti’s discharge. look too

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