15,390 beats and an illustrious

Twelve days to process the passport of suffering. Final stretch to reach the historical ceiling of 22,000 members. With only two signings and waiting for the presentation of the new kit, the joy of summer beats in the stands. Filling the venue in First Division, the obsession for this League.

In the absence of reinforcements of a galactic nature, the heroes of the UD ask for passage at the click of a mouse and a bank account. 15,390 First Division beats. The fans that dynamite barriers and are motivated by the light of the shield. Pledge to history pío pío. With 9,318 renewals and 6,072 on the waiting list -who will be able to apply for the card on July 13-, the subscription campaign is on its way to 10,000 procedures. In the past academic year, a total of 18,725 registrations were registered and the intention in the coming weeks is to reach the historical ceiling of 22,000. Record summer.

It should be remembered that on Sunday, July 9, the deadline for online renewals through the club’s website –– ends. The deadlines for seat changes are set for July 11 and 12 in person at the Season Ticket Office –at the Gran Canaria Stadium from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.–. In the next phase, from July 13 to 20, those on the waiting list (6,072 at this minute) enter the scene. If the 18,725 renew their card, only the first 3,275 would have an option, who paid 50 euros to appear on the reserve list. It is the first time in the entity’s history that a limit of 22,000 subscriptions has been set. The rest of the tickets, about 10,000, go on sale. The matches against Real Madrid (January 28) and FC Barcelona (January 3) have been declared Club Day and you have to go to the ticket office.

In the case of registrations, beyond the reserve list, it has a period from July 21 to August 30 – the day the blind of the subscription campaign is lowered in this return to the best competition in the world. It is the category of the impossible. There will be faithful who are left without a card after being included in the reserve list.

In the summer of 2015, the island club closed the acquisition and renewal period with a total of 19,237 cards. The price increase was notoriously criticized by the fans, but it went from 15,000 to almost 20,000 subscriptions. That figure was maintained in 2016-17 (19,300) and then dropped to 18,023 in the course of the disaster (17-18). After relegation to Second, the Board of Directors did not charge subscribers in 18-19.

privileged oratory

The subscriber Reinaldo López González, member number 1,303, was recognized on June 9 –presentation of the campaign and the slogan with the participation of comedian Kike Pérez– by the yellow club. He witnessed all the games at Gran Canaria in the 22-23 season. He has seen all the promotions of the yellow club and no detail of the team’s evolution has been lost in his 74-year life. The voice of an illustrious, of a veteran of the stands.

«This club is the greatest, I share sympathy with Atlético, but yellow is the color of my heart. I’ve seen all the promotions [el primero se remonta a 1951] and the best match is the 4-3 against Madrid in March 1986». However, when it comes to crowning the greatest player in history, peep peep, look to the modern age. «I stay with David García, his regularity and dedication captivated me. Then, of course, Germán Dévora and Viera. Although the one from La Feria is already weighing on the years », he jokes. When he looks at the bench, he rattles off Olsen, Molowny and Miguel Muñoz.

When it comes to remembering something peculiar, it evokes Vegazo. “He missed a penalty and then scored from a direct corner. Unusual”.

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