The show of August 24 and 25, 2024 is already on track

Sancergues. The show is on track. Residents, associations and elected officials responded in large numbers to the invitation of the association of the Sancergues comice.

Objective of this general meeting: to discuss the holding of the future meeting, to elect the office and the members of the commissions, to fix the date of the event which, already, arouses a great enthusiasm.

The office is thus composed: co-presidents, Vincent Saillard and Claude Debard; representative of Crédit Agricole, Angeline Guillon; treasurer, Odile Guilleraut; secretary, Nathalie Renoux; assistant secretaries, Marion Guilleraut and Marcelle Pavin.

The board may rely on the following members: François Guilleraut, François Fournier, Serge Guillaumin and Francine Ménard.

The date of the festivities has been set for August 24 and 25, 2024.

The exchanges highlighted the course of a plowing competition and a wide range of activities in the Marais, not to mention the elections in various municipalities. For now, it also seems that a cavalcade of seven to nine tanks is looming. To be continued…

2023-05-22 05:35:09
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