The selection of Deuce Vaughn was a very emotional moment in the

Certainly, the Draft process for the Cowboys went great with plenty of prospects looking to make it in the coming weeks. However, there are some situations that are out of the ordinary. Like the fact that a father calls his son to tell him that he is now part of the NFL.

Here’s what would happen to the sixth-round cowboy pick, Kansas State running back Deuce Vaughn. It would be his father, scout Chris Vaughn, who would make the call and break the news to who is now the 212 pick of the 2023 Draft.

“In the 21 years that I have lived to see my father react the way he did, I’m not going to lie, it was a moment to cry,” Deuce told the media.

Of course, within the Vaughn family home, the boy was supported. But Deuce himself wasn’t entirely convinced they would select him. It was something that the young man thought, who with his 1.68 meters tall, believed that perhaps he was not tall enough for an NFL organization to notice his potential.

“He had called me and his voice was cracking saying he thought he might not be drafted. And for the first time I could hear in his voice that his height could be a factor,” said Chris Vaughn. “He was crying and in a house full of people, so there was a certain atmosphere of disappointment.”

Such would be Chris’s surprise that the offices decided to keep the boy from Kansas State. After all, his numbers are quite good and he has impeccable production. He added in his last two seasons with the Wildcats 2,962 rushing yards along with 27 touchdowns. But this would not be all, he is also an element that can collaborate at receptions. Adding 846 yards and seven touchdowns to his stats.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner and general manager, wanted to surprise Chis Vaughn. He told her to hand over the draft card with the prospective player on it. However, there is a small problem, the NFL organizations no longer issue cards. It is an automated system where all a team does is press a button to make a selection. So certainly the moment that Chris saw that his son was the 212th pick became a very emotional moment for the entire franchise.

Apart from this, it would be his own father who called Deuce to give him the good news. As expected, the moment was recorded and perhaps sets the Dallas Cowboys apart from the rest of the NFL franchises. After all, the team looks like one big family and this is what Jerry Jones has wanted to convey for all these years. And this specific moment would not be the exception to the rule.

As already mentioned, Deuce’s selection is on his own merits. He not only has excellent numbers, but he is also going to collaborate in a body of runners that requires all the help possible. After the departure of Zeke Elliott from the team, now all the responsibility will fall on Tony Pollard. However, there will also be Malik Hooker, Rico Dowdle and Ronald Jones II. So in summary, Deuce Vaughn is going to have a lot of competition in spring training to make his mark on the Lone Star team.

Despite the situation, the youngster is going to have to give everything of himself to be noticed in the locker room. However, that call his father made may motivate him much more to move on. We’ll see in the coming weeks what Deuce can offer the organization through internships.

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