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He ajax team I could no longer aspire to second place prior to day 34 of the Eredivisiehowever, he maintained the illusion of making his fans happy even if it was at the end of the season.

What actually happened was that, like the Feyenoordended up losing and, despite his good time in the league of the Netherlands, Edson Alvarez He became the great villain of the team, allowing two goals during the match that cost him a defeat precisely by that distance of scoring (3-1).

Summary of the match Twente vs. Ajax Eredivisie 2023

A game that seemed quite even was defined by specific errors in the Ajax defense. And it is that, although Dusan Tadic has gone ahead on the scoreboard after having defined an impressive play together, beating the goalkeeper with a simple but accurate shot, the Twente He managed to turn it around and close the campaign with a victory in fifth place.

At minute 30′ Ajax scored, but at 46′ Twente was already tied, led by Manfred Ugaldewhen fifteen seconds into the complementary part Edson Álvarez lost the ball in the big area, so that Joshua Brenet sent a free cross for the Tico.

Only 5 minutes later, Edson was wrong again, because in a free kick he maintained the position and enabled a Julio Pleguezuelo who found the bow head on and did not forgive.

Finally, Václav Cernytaking advantage of the defensive disaster at Ajax, scored a great goal at 75′, signing the comeback in a game in which, like few others, they passed over the Amsterdam team.

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