Student baseball team improves from game to game


Last Saturday, May 21, 2023, the student syndicate of Sehnde Devils and Hänigsen Farmers played their third game of the season. The numerous spectators on the Hänigser Ristow Field got to see a team that is playing better and better together.

Even if it wasn’t enough to win in terms of points. “The results make it clear that the Devils/Farmers Youngsters are constantly improving and playing better and better together,” the gaming community said.

Baseball is characterized by its versatility, from hitting and catching, running and throwing, eye-hand coordination and tactical understanding of the game. It’s a very fast and dynamic sport where you have to be on the defensive in a hurry to decide who to throw the ball to in order to score an out. Even years later, it’s not always easy to implement this in the game. You have to have good eye-hand coordination on offense. A pitcher’s thrown ball, be it thrown by the opposing team in the first game or by the home coach in the second game, is also no easy task. “More important for this is the improvement in the performance of the student team. Seeing a playing community grow together, how they support each other, encourage each other and keep getting better technically is the most important thing at the moment,” said those responsible.

The next student game will take place on June 3rd at Ristow Field in Hänigsen.

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