Nacho Fernández celebrated River’s triumph with a Chicana to Boca


El Cerebro was one of the best on the field in the superclassic and he was also once the match ended and he celebrated the victory on social media. River 10 shared a publication at a rather particular time.

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Ignacio Martín Fernández once again showed that he is made to play well in important games. Once again Nacho had a great game against Boca and together with Nicolás De La Cruz and Enzo Pérez they were the best on the team in a superclassic that had no equivalents. River was clearly superior to Boca, they beat them 1 to 0 and took nothing more and nothing less than 19 points ahead of them in the standings.

Nacho is one of the flags of this squad, he is on and off the field. His return to the club at the end of 2022 was very important and so far in 2023 he has been one of the best in Martín Demichelis’s team. In fact, against Boca he generated the most dangerous of the first half -which Romero brought out- and in the second half he made a great play and was left to finish off the goal, but they finally covered it.

Once the game was over, the Brain used his social networks to celebrate a victory in which he was decisive. Nacho posted on his Twitter account: “The joy is immense. How nice it is to win a superclassic and at home. Well deserved for everyone’s great work. Let’s go Millionaire!” So far everything normal, the spent to Boca can be detected at the time of publication: 9.12 pm.


Nacho’s role in the Madrid final

Nacho Fernández was a fundamental piece of the comeback in Madrid. The first half was played with great intensity and with some caution on the part of both teams, Boca took the lead at the end of the first half and that made River have to react. Nacho was the flag of the team in the second half and he played it perfectly. He brought peace of mind to his teammates, he asked for all of them, he always resolved well and was decisive for the game to end 3-1 in favor of the Millionaire in the most important final of all time.

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