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The traditional sports section of the 20th edition of the National Culture Week (SNC) was launched this Monday, May 1, 2023 at the Wobi Stadium in Bobo-Dioulasso. Traditional wrestling and archery are the disciplines concerned.

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95 wrestlers from 12 provinces of Burkina Faso and 34 archers will compete in the traditional sports component of the National Week of Bobo Culture 2023. Launched this Monday, May 1, these days of sports competition are held until May 04, 2023 at the Wobi stadium in the city of Sya.

parade of wrestlers

The tone of the activities was set by Aboubakar Sawadogo, minister in charge of sports, in the company of Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, minister of communication, culture, arts and tourism.

The consideration of traditional sport in the activities of the National Week of Culture is part of the logic of the diversity of culture and refers to the multiplicity of forms through which habits and customs are expressed, according to Minister Sawadogo .

Aboubakar Sawadogo, minister in charge of sports

« This cultural diversity constitutes the appropriate response to the aspiration of peoples in an environment where all peoples can flourish. “, he said.

Traditional wrestling and archery, like many other sporting practices, radiate throughout the national territory thanks to the SNC. For Gilbert D Lompo, regional director of sports and leisure for the Hauts-Bassins, the 2023 edition in terms of traditional sports promises to be very enthusiastic.

Gilbert D Lompo, regional director of sports and leisure for Hauts-Bassins

Apart from the official prizes which will be awarded at the end of the final, the ministry in charge of sports and that in charge of national education have decided to accompany the edition with special prizes, he informs.

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