Lechia spoke out about the scandal in Gliwice Football

Lechia Gdańsk fans did not allow their team’s Saturday match against Piast Gliwice to end. The fans who appeared in Gliwice loudly and bluntly manifested their fury because of the chaos in the club, which led to its relegation to the first league.

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“You made a pigsty in the club, now you have the tribune’s wrath” – intoned the fans, throwing flares on the pitch. Despite the attempts to finish the match, the referee finally decided not only to stop, but to end it altogether.

Due to the behavior of the visiting fans, the match will be verified as a forfeit for Piast. And for Lechia it was a chance to say goodbye to the Ekstraklasa with dignity. The guests were leading in Gliwice 1:0 from the 30th minute after Marco Terrazzino’s goal.

Lechia’s statement on the events in Gliwice

After the match, Lechia issued a statement on the events in Gliwice. “The Lechia Gdańsk SA club strongly condemns the behavior of people who made it impossible to finish the match of the last round of PKO BP Ekstraklasa against Piast Gliwice today,” we read.

“The relegation of the team from the league is a huge blow for everyone, but it does not give anyone the right to break the rules, take away people’s pleasure from sport and, above all, expose the club to far-reaching financial and image consequences that may hinder its mission to quickly return to the highest league in Poland.

“We watched the last match of our team in PKO BP Ekstraklasa against Piast Gliwice with great disbelief. Despite the disastrous season ended with relegation, no one expected that the situation would deteriorate and escalate even more.”

Therefore, an apology is due to all people who did not deserve to participate in these shameful events involving people who call themselves “fans” of Lechia Gdańsk. We apologize to the employees, players and the board of the Piast Gliwice club for this situation and at this point we emphasize that all possible consequences for all people involved in these events will be taken with all their availability and power.

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“We also apologize to the fans of our club who were in Gliwice to support our players and who had nothing to do with what happened. We also apologize to all the fans who could not finish watching the competition at the stadium and in front of the TV sets. Finally, we apologize all fans of football, Ekstraklasa, who come to watch matches, support their clubs in a cultured way, and treat the competition as an opportunity to show themselves from the best side (and not just the opposite).

“Lechia Gdańsk’s place is in the Ekstraklasa, and its supporters in the stands of the stadium in Gdańsk. There is no place there for hooligans who put their good above the good of the club, and above the good of true, devoted fans who are with the team for good and bad” – completed by the inhabitants of Gdańsk.

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