Knicks drop Scott Perry

An important decision that the New York Knicks have made, at least as far as their office is concerned. As reported ESPNthe New York organization has decided to do without the services of Scott Perry, who was the team’s general manager to date.

Such determination has not been far from hasty. After six seasons in office, Perry was aware that this could happen and he had paved the way by exploring options for him to be in the Big Apple, as journalist Ian Begley points out. In any case, that franchise and executive separate seems logical. Perry was hired in 2017 by former franchise president Steve Mills and retained by his replacement in 2020, Leon Rose.

In any case, it is not a dismissal. Perry was ending his contract with the Knicks and they have chosen not to renew the relationship between the two. Along with Leon Rose and Executive Vice President William Wesley, he has helped the New Yorkers rise to qualify for the playoffs and advance to the second round.

If the Knicks choose to look for a replacement –it seems logical–, they will find themselves with a good squad and assets to move on the market. Although the New Yorkers do not have a first-round pick for this summer, they do have their own for the next six drafts, as well as four others obtained through various agreements. The outlook is not bad.

(Photograph by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)

2023-05-31 06:15:00
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