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He Madrid He will sign in the short term, with his mind in the middle. Knowing that bringing a nine is an emergency, yes, but that no one can come to hinder the ‘assault on Haaland’ in 2024. That is the priority. And what happens in between, passenger. That’s why he signing of a killer for this summer it will be a matter to be managed with lead feet… and Kane, the player you like the most, It has its pros and cons. Among the last: I would not respond to the prototype of a striker with a short contract and willingness to step back when the Norwegian arrives. Added to the continuity of Benzemadilemma: it could produce a overbooking.

Kane, on the pitch at San Siro, with Tottenham.MARCO BERTORELLOAFP

they know it in chamartinwhere a decision must be made. The departure of Mariano will free the square of substitute striker -if it wasn’t already, in practice-, so the only certainty is that someone must arrive there. “It’s obvious,” Ancelotti even said, asked if the team needed the figure. Álvaro Rodríguez is profiled as the third striker and Benzema, starting theorist, so the search focuses mainly on a second sword. Gonçalo Ramos, Vlahovic, Kvaratskhelia… the parade of names followed one another in what was a brainstorming of that season. and there was bingo.

Contract until 2024

Appeared Kanewhich has fit like a glove. Tottenham’s situation is very delicate (In the absence of a day, he is out of European positions) and the player already publicly expressed his willingness to leave last season, asking for the transfer request. The great stumbling block of him was Daniel Levy, the hard bone of Tottenham, who came to reject 150 million from City for him. This summer, with the team injured in Europe, the outlook seems different. And the most important thing is that contract ends in 2024Therefore, if the club wants to avoid leaving at zero cost, it should sell it these months.

Kane, with Tottenham, after a game.Getty Images

With the economic -more or less- on track, the Madrid debate goes through the purely sporting. Is Kane the right one? The truth is that their numbers are convincing: He will turn 30 in July and is a European guarantee, having scored 38 goals in 72 games. He is a top-level gunman… and that is precisely what raises doubts. because the pulse with Benzema would seem fierce and with the idea of ​​trying sign up Haaland in 2024 (or failing that, to Mbappé, but in any case to a Galactic), could cause a jam up front. Complicating the trading carousel.

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