Julien Carraggi has his eyes on 2024: “I’m aiming to qualify for the Paris Olympics”

Winning two international tournaments in the space of a month, a huge satisfaction for the Brussels man. “I had won the international tournament in the Netherlands, which was a first. To repeat this feat a month later is simply amazing. I didn’t expect that at all.”

These results, Julien Carraggi owes them to a more than visible progression in recent weeks. “My level of play has increased a lot. I train every day, I do physical training, cardio and badminton.”

“I feel that the hard work in training is paying off.”

And it pays since he climbs the world ranking. “I’m entering the world Top 70, which will allow me to participate in bigger tournaments. My goal is to continue to gain experience in order to aim for an entry into the World Top 50.”

2023 has started perfectly for Julien Carraggi, he who is in the process of turning a corner. “Two victories in international tournaments, a semi-final in an even higher tournament, my progress is clear. I feel that my efforts are paying off, that the hard work in training is paying off.”

Enough to display its ambitions for 2023. “I will participate in the European Games in three weeks, with the ambition to break out of my group and win as many matches as possible. At the end of August, the world championships will take place where I will try to win my first match. Everything will depend on the draw.”

But his biggest goal, he is for 2024.”I am aiming to qualify for the Paris Olympics. I was too young to hope for qualification four years ago, I was barely 19 years old. But for 2024, I feel ready. This qualification is my daily motivation.”

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