Jerry West is 85, his 1965 playoff masterpiece is still unmatched

Decades of NBA, great players, exploits, incredible cards. Legends compared, dissected, put in opposition to determine the best of the best. American basketball has been buzzing for a long time. Long time. And even with such a rich history, sometimes a performance stands out. Above all others. Sublimated by the context… or the statistics. Like that of Jerry West in the first round of the 1965 playoffs.

A masterpiece to eliminate the Baltimore Bullets. Six rounds, concluded with a victory for the Los Angeles Lakers and 46.3 points on average for the Californian superstar, who turns 85 today No player has scored as many points in a series of playoffs. Not even Wilt Chamberlain. It’s simple, didn’t go below 40 pawns once: 49, 52, 44, 48, 43 then 42 to ensure the qualification of his team. Impressive.

Jerry West, portrait of a multifaceted legend

This performance of anthology is a reminder of how Jerry West is and was a great player in the NBA. Especially since, let’s not forget, there was no three-point line at that time. Otherwise he would probably have flirted with the 50 average pawns. So, of course, it was another time. Only nine franchises and a much different style of play than today.

But that makes you a man. It’s not for nothing that he became “The Logo”. Despite this, he remains an icon that is too often underestimated. An exceptional scorer who did not dominate by size – unlike Chamberlain or Bill Russell, other monuments of the 60’s – but by technique and skill. 27 pawns throughout his career with almost 6 rebounds and almost 7 assists.

The Lakers did not go all the way that season. Jerry West may have been exceptional, but the Angelenos lost to the Boston Celtics in the Finals. Since then, only one player has come close to this performance over an entire series. It is obviously Michael Jordan. And it’s just as fantastic: 45.2 average points against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1988. But in five innings and starting with 50 and 55 units.

Jerry West’s incredible performance in pictures

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