Independiente and the strange problem of having the Professional League scorer

Martín Cauteruccio scored 10 of the team’s 17 goals in the local tournament and leads the scoring table. The drawback has to do with the fact that, if he doesn’t do them, (almost) no one does them.

Independiente has problems to close their parties. Several points have slipped through his fingers so far this year for not being able to define the situations generated and for making important mistakes in his own area. And part of the explanation for this shortcoming that comes from before the start of Ricardo Zielinski’s cycle is due to the fact that hehe goals at Red seem to be the property of only one player: Martín Cauteruccio.

In Avellaneda they celebrate having a nine that is straight facing the goal in front and screams often. However, the experienced goalscorer is the one who agglomerates the greatest number of conquests against someone else’s fence in this Independent that never ends up finding regularity.

With his goal in the draw against Lanús last Saturday, Caute reached 10 goals in the championship and is one of the top scorers along with Mateo Retegui (Tigre), Michael Santos (Talleres) and Pablo Vegetti (Gimnasia La Plata). He has 11 in total since one is added for Copa Argentina.

Cauteruccio, with 10 goals, is one of the top scorers in the championship. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

In the tournament he scored 10 of the 17 goals that the Devil has. The others who scored are Matias Gimenez (2), Balthazar Barcia, Sergio Ortíz and Nicolás Vallejo converted 1. The others were against rivals’ own goal (Ángelo Martino against Talleres and Zaid Romero against Estudiantes).

The Uruguayan shows validity at 36 years of age. He has a goal average of 0.63 per game in the red shirt, directly participated in 64 percent of his team’s conversions and has six in his last seven games. He kicked six penalties and scored them all.

The problem is that if he doesn’t do it, Independiente will find it very difficult to score. In the 19 games that he has played in 2023, he was only able to score more than two goals in a match only once: the 3-0 against the humble Ciudad de Bolívar for the Argentine Cup.

There are footballers who fought with the goal like Matías Giménez, who puts in a lot of momentum although he can’t find a good aim. And to this is added the complication due to the generation of situations in the face of bad decisions in the final meters of the field.

Independiente is the team with the most draws in the Professional League along with Colón and Atlético Tucumán, with nine matches. but in six of those equalities he started up on the scoreboard and could not hold the result in his favour. Undoubtedly, the Russian knows that this is one of the main issues to improve in order to be calm and get more points that allow him to take off from the bottom of the table.

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