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Survivor 2023

Martin Konečný revealed additional behind-the-scenes information from the filming of Survivor. And the creators of the show, who are trying to create the impression through the TV screens that the contestants on the island are in need in every way, will not be happy with his words. But everything seems different. At least this follows from the statement of the man who ended up in second place. In a live broadcast with moderator Ondřej Novotný, he revealed that some contestants had toothbrushes and toothpaste available on the island.

They say what happens on an island stays on an island. But that doesn’t seem to apply to this year’s Survivor finalists. After his return, Filip Jánoš was the first to open his mouth for a walk, who revealed in the eXtra Hosta studio that Karolína Krézlová had cheated during the show with food that she allegedly obtained from local fishermen. This information was subsequently confirmed to us by Kristián Kundrata and Ondřej Novotný, who literally said that he has no doubt that it happened, but there is no evidence for it.

But Martin Konečný went the furthest, who has now revealed that some contestants had a more privileged position than others during filming. He revealed the information, which should never have been made public, during a live broadcast on Ondřej Novotný’s Instagram, which can currently be viewed on YouTube, when the host of the show asked him what annoyed him the most on the island.

Some contestants had toothbrushes, says Martin

“Five or six people had a toothbrush at their disposal. Andrejka, Pepa, Kulhy, he had an infection, Johanka had a broken tooth and Karolín. Mainly the Heroes. Those who had braces got a toothbrush. If one person has a toothbrush, why didn’t they have one everyone?! That pissed me off, the injustice. Some could, some couldn’t. One was allowed to brush his teeth, the other wasn’t. It’s hugely unfair.” Konečný got angry, saying that he was still annoyed that there were more palm trees around the Heroes’ camp than theirs.
“The heroes had a hundred palms, we only had twelve. Such injustice,” continued Konečný, whose words made it clear that he felt that the celebrity contestants were treated differently than he was, for example.

But Ondřej Novotný roasted him on the spot. “You know I’ve said it a hundred times. Survivor is not about being fair. You’re talking bullshit. Do you realize that someone has brushed their teeth? You’re there for three months and you find out that someone brushed your teeth,” Novotný got upset, who threw in his face that it could be considered unfair that he couldn’t compete for six days, yet he stayed in the competition and got a chance to fight for a fabulous win, while other contestants were eliminated.

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