He played in Boca and bankrolled the celebration of Agustín Palavecino in the superclassic


A former striker with a past in Boca got tired of the hypocrisy in the world of football and criticized the double standards to measure some cases and used Palavecino’s goal celebration in the superclassic as an example.

© Getty ImagesPalavecino yelled the goal in the face of his rivals.

Agustín Palavecino is the first to know that what he did against Boca last Sunday in the superclassic after Borja’s goal is not correct. In fact, even on the field of play, he had already apologized to Demichelis and later extended it to his teammates. The midfielder decided to shout the goal in the face of Nicolás Figal, who in the days before the game had been contemptuous of the River stadium.

Hector Bracamonte He played in Boca and in the last hours he spoke out against hypocrisy in the world of football. To do so, he used the case of Agustín Palavecino and his outrageous goal cry against his rivals and compared it with what the players of the Argentine National Team did after beating the Netherlands on penalties in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. Many fans -mainly from Boca- criticized Palavecino for his attitude in the superclassic, but a few months ago they were celebrating what the National Team players did.

“What the other team does is wrong. Everything we experienced in the World Cup was great for us, but those same provocations come from the rival and not. Now we see that Palavecino sings the goal for your team and people think ‘what a son of a bitch this is’, but when your team does it against the Netherlands you don’t think the same. There is a double standard, a hypocrisy. The Argentine is very like that in football,” said Héctor Bracamonte on Olé’s Twitch channel.

Bracamonte against hypocrisy

When he went to kick Borja they were also saying a thousand things to him. The one in the stands, the one behind, the one who knows where he came from, the one who told the goalkeeper where he is going to kick… let’s not be so puritanical either. We are going to the other side. I don’t agree with what was lived when I played either, but the game ended and it was there. Within six months you were going to have him as a partner. It happened to me once I nudged one in a corner and when I go to another club he was there”, concluded the former Boca striker.

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