Haaland’s record: a dig at Shearer and a walk of honor. I’m proud, beamed Nor

Erling Haaland, the Norwegian football phenomenon who took the English league by storm, erased all previous records five games before the end of the current year. He pushed not only Alan Shearer to the second place in the Premier League chronicles, but also Andy Cole, who scored thirty-four goals in the Newcastle jersey a year earlier.

Haaland is now thirty-five.

“We expected a lot of goals from Erling, but certainly not that he will surpass such legends in his first season in England,” said coach Pep Guardiola. “He’s still only twenty-two, and how many times have I replaced him, for example, after a hat trick in the sixtieth minute. Otherwise, he would have even more goals, but he could also get injured.

City found a treasure in him.

While last season it often started without a classic striker, now it has a monster that does not lose its strength. When needed, Haaland can also set up goals – as he did last time in the key match for the title against Arsenal, when he assisted Kevin de Bruyne’s two goals. However, he enjoys shooting them the most.

“I’m happy and proud,” he smiled to the Sky Sports camera on Wednesday night, shortly after team-mates and coaches prepared a walk of honor for him.

Haaland is now two goals short of Ron Davies, who scored thirty-seven goals in a single season for Southampton in the 1960s. Only Dixie Dean from Everton, who scored 60 goals in 39 games in the 1927/28 season, probably won’t beat him. At least not this year.

The Premier League record held by Shearer with Cole stood for twenty-eight years.

“However, Erling is unique, an absolutely exceptional player,” praised Guardiola. “The best,” Shearer added simply.

And it continues to remain above all its own.

Manchester City’s Erling Haaland walks down the aisle of honor prepared for him by his teammates and coach. The Norwegian striker broke the record for the number of goals in one Premier League season.

“I’m going to come home, play video games, eat and go to sleep,” he said when asked how he would celebrate the milestone.

The season is far from over for him and the club.

Already at the weekend, City can jump four points ahead of Arsenal, the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid awaits them this week, and the FA Cup final against Manchester United at the beginning of June.

This could be the biggest season in Manchester City’s club history. Also thanks to Haaland, the goal machine.


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