Financial shadows on City parties, Guardiola ‘cleared up soon’ – Football

Having won the Premier League, three days early and for the third time in a row, Pep Guardiola hopes that the English sports justice system will pronounce itself as soon as possible – already “today or tomorrow” – on the more than 100 charges still pending against Manchester City, accused of having repeatedly violated the financial rules of the Premier League. The judicial proceeding dates back to last February when the English League, at the end of a four-year investigation, had accused the English champions of multiple accounting infringements, which were allegedly committed between the 2009/10 and 2017/18 seasons: nine years during which the Citizens would have systematically exceeded the economic parameters.

Since then there have been no other pronouncements, while Guardiola, who has always said he is convinced of the innocence of his club, is calling for a verdict to clarify City’s possible responsibilities. “We would really like the verdict to arrive tomorrow, or even better now, immediately – Guardiola’s words, on the eve of the Premier League match against Brighton -. Let’s hope the judges aren’t too busy in other cases, and that they listen to both sides to then decide for the best. Because in the end I know that what we have won we have won on the pitch, we have no doubts”. Guardiola, who did not clarify whether he will stay at City in the event of a treble, said he was ready to accept any legal response. “We will accept it, come what may. It was the same with the decision of UEFA (which originally disqualified City for two seasons, a verdict later overturned by the Court of Sport in Lausanne, ed), now the Premier League.

Courage: 24 hours, if possible, in the presence of lawyers. We don’t wait two years. Why wait so long, let’s try to be quick for everyone’s good”. Guardiola, who will face Inter in the Champions League final in Istanbul, however seems to rule out his escape from Manchester in the event of a conviction. “I will stay even if there are still the 110 charges against us. No doubt, I’ll be there. If we’ve done something wrong, everyone will know about it. While if the club comes out of the process as I believe it is, people will stop talking.”