Final Four Malaga | Great atmosphere in a multicolored Palace

Impressive basketball day lived this Friday in the prelude to the dispute for the title of the Basketball Champions League. The hobbies of Hapoel Jerusalem, Lenovo Tenerife, Unicaja y Telekom Baskets Bonn They exemplified what it is to live this sport to the fullest with all the respect possible in circumstances in which each team had everything at stake.

Of course, it was soon to be noticed that the fights were not Jerusalem-Tenerife and Unicaja-Bonn, but the Spanish against the other two Europeans. The more than 2,000 Israelis led the way throughout the first semi-final. Curious detail that they were only silent once and it was not when Txus Vidorreta’s men got 67-63 with a minute to go. No, It was when Martín Carpena turned with the arrival of some Unicaja players to the stands to see some moments of the first crash.

The German supporters also made themselves felt at the start of the game against the locals, but as soon as it was time to start Unicaja-Bonn… the leadership was absolutely green and purple. More than 6,000 Malaga fans -Some of them standing throughout the clash left their voices, hands and hearts to drive their own.

So the atmosphere was that of the great days in European basketball. What is certain is that during the final there will not only be a show on the trackbut also in the stands of Martín Carpena.

2023-05-12 19:38:30
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