Enzo Pérez analyzed River 1 Boca 0 for the Professional League

Enzo Pérez seems to have been born to play for River and to stand out in important games. The team captain received an incredible ovation from Monumental before the start of the match against Boca and responded to them on the pitch by being one of the best on the team and not giving up a drop of sweat. After the superclassic he analyzed what happened at the Monumental and reviewed all the issues.

The captain began by analyzing in a press conference: “It is difficult to explain, more because of how the game had taken place and the goal towards the end. It was terrible madness from all sides and luckily we were able to keep three important points in a superclassic with everything that had been discussed during the week, published and many things that were said against us after the result against Fluminense, a lot of things and work were questioned that we have been holding for four months. We always like to talk on the pitch. After what happened in Brazil, it was important to get ahead as quickly as possible”.

“I understand that after what happened to us in Brazil people are questioned and doubted, but we have always said that what is said from the locker room doors to the outside does not have to contaminate us. I told him and Martín told him after the game that we have to be self-critical but that we didn’t have to stay with that because there isn’t a four-goal difference with Fluminense either. There were things that were said that weren’t good, but then it’s a football game. I told the boys to come onto the field to play and enjoy it, we are going to have to lose and win but with our weapons, being protagonists, being competitive and intelligent. Today we saw a bit of all that, in a superclassic it is good to continue growing, we are here to continue growingsaid Enzo Perez.

It is not comparable with something because each super classic has its movie as it is said beforehand. It’s a special match that the two teams always seek to win. I think the late goal was due to what we had done during the game and more than anything in the first half. There was a heated match where the football that we have been demonstrating was not played, it was important to win and give joy to the people who, two hours before the game, had already filled the pitch and the entire party they had put together. On behalf of the squad we want to thank the people”, said Enzo Pérez at a press conference.

Regarding the rude incident that took place between the River and Boca teams after Borja’s goal, he said: “There were a lot of people who got in from both sides, the coaching staff, it’s difficult there and it’s not good for the show. The only thing that Pala did is not right, we always say that you learn from mistakes and as I said before we talk on the pitch. It wasn’t good on either side, but being there it was difficult to control everything. I tried to calm down and have each one go their own way. I don’t agree with what happened at all, neither of us were acceptable”.

Enzo avoided arguing with Boca but made it clear that River won the tactical battle: “We know the idea that Martín has and we embodied it long ago beyond defeat. I don’t like to speak ill of the other team because it’s disrespectful. They recently changed the technician and will have new ideas. We focused more on our game and what we could do. In the first half we were much more protagonists than them, in the second it evened out a bit. Tactically we always had it under control. In the last 20 meters we needed to specify a finish, but it happened towards the end, so I’m happy because we stayed with three points at home and to the joy of the people”.

I never thought the party would we could go or end in a draw. When someone is low, they take a challenge for others. We would have liked to have a lead at halftime, but Chiquito Romero was good. They have dangerous midfield players to advance, we were attentive. We were calm with the fact that we were going to take the game with us”, affirmed the captain.

The number 24 avoided saying that the Professional League is already sentenced: “We are always candidates, when the championship starts they always put it on River and other teams. We are aware that we have made a big difference, but it is not defined at all. We have games during the week, we have trips. We are mentalized to think game by game. I do not agree at all that the championship is over and that no one can catch up with them. The matches have to be played and it is clear that every match has its complexity”.

Enzo spoke of Miguel Ángel Borja’s conviction before executing the winning penalty: “He went to catch the ball, he was confident, he always kicks after training. I always like that the forwards take penalties because of a matter of trust, they live from the goal. Obviously, for him, not having so many minutes is good and he gave us three very valuable points in a very hot game towards the end. He kicked it very well very calmly.”

“We are immensely happy to experience these moments, a superclassic back. Staying at it doesn’t make sense now. River is much bigger than anything. We focused on ourselves, we talked a lot during the week and behind the scenes we knew that this game could not escape us. We show that we leave everything beyond our errors or virtues. I understand the chicanes, but I think that the protagonists have to lower their heart rate. I hope you had a great night, hug your mothers, fathers and children. The people of River are going to have a great week, today we will celebrate and tomorrow we will think about the next game”, Enzo Nicolás Pérez stated somewhat excited.

Enzo Pérez, one more fan. Photo: River Press.

The group and a pending talk

“We all keep learning because we are all human and we keep making mistakes. In Tucumán we stood up when we were left with one less. With Fluminense I think that until the expulsion we were always in the game, then we overflowed and after that we didn’t talk much because we had to focus on this one. Then we’re going to have a talk about the Fluminense game because you can’t make those mistakes again. We had to make a clean slate and focus on today’s game”, concluded the captain of the Biggest.

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