Draw in the Ländle-Derby is enough for SCR Altach to stay up – Austria Lustenau –

First goal for Abdijanovic

Altach may not have won a derby this season, but with a 1-1 win against the big Ländle opponents, they were able to stay up in the league.

The last home game of the season was also the first match point in the fight for relegation for CASHPOINT SCR Altach. In front of a full house, the two teams ended up drawing 1-1, the point was enough for coach Klaus Schmidt’s men today to secure their place in the league with one game to go!

In the fourth Ländle derby of the season, SCRA coach Klaus Schmidt relied on the same team that started last week with the important victory in Ried. There were a total of four changes among the guests from the embroidery community, and defender Jean Hugonet was there again.

The Altacher started with momentum, you could tell the newly gained self-confidence after the three in the Innviertel. Overall, however, the expected competitive game developed, which at times also had to offer hectic. The guests found two dangerous shots by Guenouche (7th and 27th respectively), at the SCRA it was the advanced Gugganig, who tested keeper Helac with a header.

The Altach central defender had been the center of attention shortly before. When the ball was already out of bounds after a running duel, the 28-year-old hit his opponent Surdanovic in the neck, and the VAR ordered the referee to the sidelines. There, the referee looked at the scene and decided to warn the Altach defender.

Abdijanovic scores the first goal

Immediately afterwards, Klaus Schmidt had to make his first substitution due to injury, and Aigner came on for the injured Strauss. There was more positive news for the home side after 34 minutes. Balic served Abdijanovic in the center, who found a little too much space and took heart. The 22-year-old’s shot went precisely into the corner, Helac was beaten and the acclaimed opening goal for the players in white and black was perfect. Abdijanovic’s debut goal in the Bundesliga was not only important, but also worth seeing. Finally, the Schmidt-Elf went into the half-time break with this narrow lead.

After the restart, the Lustenauers were the more active team, on the Altach side they were mainly limited to defensive work. This circumstance led to the equalization of the stickers after an hour. An attack ran down the right side, Anderson played the ball into the middle, where the ball slipped past all Altach’s defensive players and Diaby, who came on at the break, came to the end and beat Casali to make it 1-1.

The hosts almost responded immediately, Helac was only able to deflect a shot from Bukta and so Jäger was able to score the follow-up shot. However, the Altach captain did not put the ball on the case.

In the closing stages, it was clear to see on the pitch who had more to lose that day. The nervousness was also palpable in the stands, with many spectators in the stands looking more and more at their smartphones to find out the current standings between Hartberg and Ried. Since the Styrians were in the lead at the time, there was at least no immediate danger, which might have calmed some tense nerves.

SCRA fixes relegation

Even if both teams did not curl up behind, there were initially no great chances of another goal. Substitute Nuhiu had the greatest chance of scoring the winning goal, but he missed the goal. After a hard-fought 90 minutes, the fourth Ländle derby of the season ended in a 1-1 draw. Although the Altacher remain unsuccessful against their big rivals this season, today’s point and the simultaneous defeat of the Rieder were enough to fix the league one game day before the end.

CASHPOINT SCR Altach – SC Austria Lustenau 1: 1 (1: 0)

Saturday, May 27, 2023, 5:00 p.m

CASHPOINT Arena, 8,500 spectators (sold out)

Tore: 1:0 Abdijanovic (34.), 1:1 Diaby (60.)

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