Disaster, a transfer from PSG weighed down by Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Disaster, a transfer from PSG weighed down by Cristiano Ronaldo?

Published on May 7, 2023 at 00:15

Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university course that it was important to evolve in a field that we appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw me as a future lawyer, to live from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered mercatos and sports news, trying to inform readers as well as possible.

Held in check in the Hakim Ziyech file during the last winter transfer window, PSG has not said its last word. According to the Italian press, the Moroccan international is still being tracked by Luis Campos, who will have to face competition from Saudi Arabia. A club have already sent a first offer to the 30-year-old.

A single document could have enabled the PSG to complete the arrival of‘Judge Ziyech during the last month of January. But Chelsea sent this paper seven minutes after the end of the winter transfer window. Race results? THE PSG failed to strengthen offensively and paid dearly for the lack of depth on the bench during this second half of the season.

PSG still in the race in the Ziyech file

To believe Rudy Galettithe PSG could return to the load in this file given that Ziyech made the decision to leave Chelsea at the end of this season. According to the Italian journalist, the Parisian club will have a lot to do since theSaudi Arabia would already have taken action.

Saudi Arabia takes action

Present at Al-Nasr Since last January, Cristiano Ronaldo has been involved in the development of Saudi football and tries to do what is necessary to recruit top level players. Being part of Gotha, Ziyech was reportedly contacted by the Saudi sports minister recently. Proof if there is that this file is of particular importance.

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