Demichelis explained the change of drawing and the departure of Aliendro: “With Huracán it went well for us, not today”


The millionaire coach gave a press conference after the defeat against Talleres and gave some tactical explanations about the team’s assembly. The DT argued why he opted for the entry of Rondón and the departure of Aliendro.

© The Millionaire Page / Diego HaliaszThe analysis of Martín Demichelis after the defeat in Córdoba.

RIver did not have a good time in Córdoba and returned to Buenos Aires empty-handed. The leader of the championship did not make a footing in the Kempes Stadium and fell 2-1 against Talleres, in a match that exposed several shortcomings of the team, especially in the setback and in the defensive zone. The Biggest suffered from the speed of the attackers of the T, but also from the inaccuracies themselves. He came out very little of what he planned in the previous one, beyond the push, the discount of Matías Suárez and the feeling that he could tie it at the end.

After the fall against the T, Martín Demichelis spoke at a press conference and was consulted about a change of drawing and protagonists that seemed to have a direct impact on the operation and the result: the departure of Rodrigo Aliendro and the entry of Salomón Rondón . The DT argued the reasons: “Talleres plays similar to a tactical system that Huracán used against us, a 4-4-2 to defend, when a 4-2-3-1 has it, but we saw that they broke a lot when it came to starting. Villagra stayed ahead of the line of four, Ortegoza was the one who got the highest. And with the two wingers, Valoyes and Sosa, plus Garro and Michael Santos, they split the team and made it 5 against 5.”said the River coach.

“In this situation we defended ourselves with six, with Nico and Enzo at the beginning, we wanted to steal and from there with Nico, Nacho and Esequiel, plus the two wingers playing hand in hand, to be able to make a year. With Huracán they went well, not today, but we were convinced of the system because they did not have many people in the middle to be able to skip the pressure from there, they skipped a lot. From the beginning of the week we trained him, it had gone well, but what matters is the day of the game. Talleres won and we must congratulate them”added the millionaire coach.

At the time of self-criticism, Demichelis acknowledged that there were two facets of the game in which River failed throughout almost the entire game: “I don’t think the defense was open, I do think we didn’t start off well when it came to defending. In football you have to win duels and be precise. Today we were not like in other games in these two factors “indicated the DT, who also highlighted the virtues of the rival: “We must congratulate Talleres that proved to be a great team and in the event of a minimal error it makes you get out of the way,” he added.

Finally, he stated that after the superclassic there could have been a bit of mental wear and tear and the emotional factor could also play a role: “I always say that he is one of the most important in this sport. I am not saying that they have relaxed, that is why I always say that there is no champion with 37 points. Now we have San Lorenzo at 5 and Talleres at 7. We must work with humility and harmony, as we have been doing. I have no doubt that we are going to get up from this”he concluded.

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