Checkmate Rocasa in the semifinals

The Teldenses started at the beginning of the course as the big favorites for all the titles at stake. The return of Marta Mangué and Almudena Rodríguez invited optimism. The injuries and the change of coach in the middle of the course have led to a disappointing campaign, in which the team has not only been able to win any of the games in play or reach the finals.

The promising start of Juan Moreno’s team yesterday against the Costa del Sol, with Mangué and Mbengue especially successful, lasted 15 minutes. What it took Suso Gallardo to readjust his defense and find Estela Doiro and Silvia Arderius as can-openers for the Gran Canaria defense, for the Andalusians to reach half-time with a difference of five goals (16-11).

With the game uphill, Espe López appeared on the scene to add more fuel to the boiler of a Málaga that was flying. The flashes of Sayna, Mangué, Mela and Arinegua were not enough to overcome a game in which chance wanted the captain María González to say goodbye scoring the last goal of hers (30-27).



Costa del Sol Malaga: Spanish; Medeiros (1), Campigli (2), Arderius (6), L. Sanchez (1), Espe (5) and Doiro (8) – starting team – Torres, Bravo (1), Cuadrado, Perez (1), Gutierrez , Azcune (1), Reds (4), Virginia (ps).

rock: Palomino; Sayna (5), Gomes (3), Arinegua (3), Mela (4) and Zaldua (1) – starting team – Pizzo (3), Spugnini (1), Lopes, Siñol, Gonzalez, Lopez, Pearl (ps).

Splits every five minutes: 2-3, 4-5, 6-6, 10-6, 14-9, 16-11, 18-15, 21-17, 25-19, 27-21, 28-23, 30-27.

Referees: Alejandro Hoz Fernandez, Axel Riloba Pereda.

2023-05-19 22:06:58
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