Beto Alonso’s withering statement after River’s victory: “That’s how you have to beat Boca”

He scandal that was lived inside the field del Monumental, after the adjusted River win 1-0 against Boca in added time for a penalty that he took the referee Darío Herrera with the help of VARwas reproduced in the stands from where all kinds of chicanas arrived.

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The historical Former River Plate player Beto Alonso He was one of those who harshly referred to the classic rival: “Mouth did not come. It’s that clear”. In this way he analyzed the football deployment of the xeneize directed by Jorge Almirón.

This is how Miguel Borja celebrated it. (Photo EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

When interviewed after the game, the legend of River analyzed the victory. “Recently he spoke with some boys and told them that this is how you have to beat Boca. One to zero and about the hour so they get hotter”, lashed out the former player.

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He further remarked: “either with a penalty or a goal against. This is how you have to beat Boca”.

The special greeting for Demichlis

The team led by Martín Demichelis arrived emotionally very beaten to play the superclassic. In the week, he had suffered a historic defeat in Brazil against Fluminense who beat him for a lapidary 5-1.

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Despite that hard blow that leaves him with little chance of continuing in the Copa Libertadores, millionaires found emotional responses in the locker room and they played a match in which they dominated the game in the first superclassic that Demichelis played as technical director.

Martin Demichelis, DT of River. (Photo: Reuters)

I’m glad it’s Demichelis’ first game, because people confuse the Copa Libertadores with the local championship. I saw a game in which Boca did not come. I saw a game that River dominated”, concluded Beto Alonso, who with his statements further heated the closing of a controversial superclassic that will undoubtedly bring a week full of controversy surrounding the performance of the referees who direct Argentine soccer.

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