Baseball A1: San Marino also takes game three at Jannella

The last match against Big Mat Bsc ends 6-0 in favor of the Italian champions

Grosseto: Three games that bode well for the Big Mat Bsc Grosseto. The red and whites, led by the manager Stephen Cappuccini, despite not being able to impose themselves against the armored San Marino, they have shown that they know how to stand on the stage of the poule scudetto. The Grosseto side, who gave way 6-0 in game three at the Roberto Jannella stadium, fought in every inning, giving the impression of always being in the game and proactive. The progress of the match saw the Italian champions sign the first two points in the fourth recovery, and then move on to the final 6-0 in the sixth inning.

On the next day the Big Mat Bsc Grosseto will observe the rest shift, preparing for the next week’s away match in Bologna.

photo N. Lettieri

2023-05-28 19:38:56
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