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The regulation of the General Law for Tobacco Control that entered into force in January of this year It affected restaurant sales throughout the country by dropping them between 20 and 30 percent, according to data from the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac).

Daniela Mijares, CEO of the organization, said that This situation mainly impacted establishments where the after-dinner meal is longersince clients who used to attend three times a week now only go once, because they prefer to stay at home so they can smoke.

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On January 15, a new regulation of the General Law for Tobacco Control entered into force in the country that prohibits smoking in public spaces and in places of collective concurrence, such as stadiums, squares, parks, beaches and hotels, among others.

According to the directive of Canirac, this regulation is illegal by failing to comply with due process and being considered by the authorities above the Law.

The discussion is not whether tobacco is good or bad, what we are fighting is due process. A regulation cannot be above the Law and in this case we see that it is above the restrictionsand of course it has an impact”, commented Mijares after the presentation of the study What is the state of training in the restaurant sector in Mexico?, prepared by Hero Guest.

Mijares recalled that the last modification to the General Law for Tobacco Control allowed a “balance” in restaurants between non-smoking and smoking spaces, then, the restaurant industry made large investments to abide by and respect what this legislation established. Almost six months after said regulation was published, Some three thousand restaurants from all over the country filed injunctions and several have won it to maintain spaces for smokers in their establishments, however, Mijares said that the industry will wait for new resolutions to determine how to act.

Another situation that has had an impact on the country’s restaurant business is the inflationthat although has yielded in a general way until reaching six percent in the first half of May, the sector continues to be pressured by food prices.

According to Mijares, The inflationary situation in the country has raised the cost of inputs for Mexican restaurateurs between 15 and 20 percent. However, he stressed that this does not translate into a similar increase in the menu price offered to diners.

The presenter of Canirac accepted that there has been a rise in the prices of fondas and restaurants though, he said, nor there is a calculation because they are different businesses and each place has done its own to try to Don’t affect your customers.

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In principle, when we did not know how long the increase in inflation would last, the restaurant owner did not want to transfer the cost to the diner, we were just leaving and happy to receive people back in our establishments. We did a lot, menu reengineering, take advantage of seasonal productsagreements with suppliers, but inflation continues and price adjustments have been made, but the restaurant owner has been responsible”, he concluded.

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