6 cool caps for men

The trucker cap is making a comeback

Stetson / PR

Trucker cap with corduroy peak and mesh insert by STETSON, around

If you now have a little déjà vu, then you must have followed the fashion trends of the 2000s and celebrated hard. In this decade, a trucker cap was simply part of the basic equipment of a fashion-conscious style fan. The headgear owes its name to a campaign in the 1970s in which these caps were given to truckers as a promotional gift. Typical for the trucker cap is the mesh insert at the back of the head, which ensures a cool head, especially in summer. Our favorite this summer is the vintage-style model from Stetson, which we style in a relaxed way with jeans, a t-shirt and worker boots.

The classic baseball cap

Cool Caps for Men / Summer 2023 / New Era Oakland Athletics

New Era / PR

Fitted baseball cap from the Oakland Athletics in 90s style by NEW ERA, for €36

The classic fitted baseball cap is an accessory that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Fitted means that it is closed at the back of the head and not adjustable in size. This in turn means that you should measure your head circumference in a few simple steps in order to choose the right size. A fitted cap has the advantage that it fits perfectly on the head in the right size and is very comfortable to wear. In addition, compared to other caps (such as the cycle cap), the classic baseball hat has a slightly higher cut, reinforced crown and thus ensures the typically even, semi-circular silhouette.

The cycle cap for outdoor and streetwear fans

Cool caps for men / Summer 2023 / Uniqlo x JW Anderson

Uniqlo / PR

Bike-Cap im Chambray-Patchwork-Look von UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON, um 29,90 €

The cooperation between Uniqlo and the fashion designer JW Anderson is entering another round and this summer brings us cool caps that are easy to combine. Part of the current collection is, among other things, the chambray hat with a subtle color block/patchwork design. The horizontal front panel and the shortened peak are both typical elements that are known from cycling caps. Especially if you like outdoor streetwear, a cycle cap is a cool addition to your look.

The summer favorite on the beach

The sunny yellow cap with the frayed peak and the adjustable strap is the perfect outdoor and beach accessory for the warm season. The French designer Jacquemes knows like no other how to give sporty basic pieces a little twist and make them look fashionable. We wear the summer cap with board shorts for stand-up paddling or with a loose linen shirt at the beach bar for a sundowner.

The relaxed everyday cap

Cool caps for men / summer 2023 / weekday cap

Weekday / PR

Pink, washed-out cotton till hat from WEEKDAY, around €19

The everyday hat you can slip on on the spur of the moment without even thinking about it, Weekday’s pink faded beanie we’re wearing with every denim t-shirt look this summer. The cap’s robust cotton twill is not reinforced and can be stowed in any pocket without losing its shape. We wouldn’t recommend this for a reinforced baseball hat – you’ll have a hard time getting the bumps out.

The luxury version of the suit

Cool Caps for Men / Summer 2023 / Tom Ford via / PR

Cotton cap with adjustable leather strap by TOM FORD (via, around €495

Wearing a kepi with a suit or the way to the office is a difficult topic, but not unsolvable. If you just like wearing a cap and don’t want to do without it even on the way to the office, then you should stick to the following rule: The cap should not have any conspicuous decorations, be as dark as possible and not be from well-known sports brands. The sports cap that you wear for running is out of place here and looks very ill-considered, especially with a suit. A dark hat is enough of a break in style, but at the same time shows that you chose the accessory consciously. By the way: It’s also a little cheaper than Tom Ford’s designer piece: this 59FIFTY model from New Era (see title picture at the top).

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