What is basketball? – Yunus Turupcu

Basketball, which is a sport played as a team, can also be played individually for entertainment purposes. In basketball played with ball and hand, teams of five are formed. Putting the ball into the 3.05 meter high hoop is the purpose of basketball. Basketball, which is a very popular sport in the world and in Turkey, is managed by a referee and his assistant.

How is basketball played?

In basketball, which is played as 2 teams, there is a determined time and the team that reaches the most points in this time wins. The game time can last 40-45 minutes as well as 1 hour. Basketball players trying to score points also try to prevent the opponent from scoring. Each team has to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket within 24 seconds.

What are the rules of basketball?

The visiting team has the right to choose a field and a field change is made after each half. Each period lasts 10 minutes and there are 4 periods in total. If there is a tie at the end of 4 periods, the match goes to overtime. The nails of the basketball players must be cut in accordance with the rules and it is forbidden to wear any accessories during the match.

Brief history of basketball

Developed by a physical education instructor in the USA in 1891, basketball quickly became widespread. Spreading all over the world from America, basketball has managed to attract the attention of millions of people. Played mostly indoors, basketball is an extremely entertaining and enjoyable sport. All kinds of arrangements were made for basketball, which was officially accepted as a sport in 1936.

What qualities are required to play good basketball?

Although everyone plays basketball, it is necessary to have some features to play basketball professionally. To be a good basketball player, it is important to love basketball first. Attention should be paid to nutrition and foods that will disturb the balance of the body should be avoided. You should attend the training regularly and continue to work patiently.

An innate talent is not required to play basketball, skills should be developed by starting basketball at a very early age. Those who use their minds well, dominate the basketball court more. Anyone who fights to the end without giving up gets to a good place in basketball.

What are the benefits of playing basketball?

Basketball, which strengthens the internal defense system, ensures a strong immune system. Playing basketball regularly supports bone development. Jumping and running play a role in strengthening the muscles while playing basketball. Many muscles in the body can be strengthened by playing basketball. Drawing a successful athlete identity in basketball provides the development of one’s self-confidence.

Basketball, which increases concentration and self-discipline, has a great share in the individual’s avoidance of unhealthy foods. In basketball, which is a team game, communication skills are strengthened and the player learns to communicate in a healthy way. Basketball, which makes one feel vigorous by removing fatigue, increases the quality of life. Those who start playing basketball at a young age grow taller and become more physically resistant.

What are basketball terms?

Many terms are used in basketball and the terms sound familiar because basketball is a popular game. The pass given to a teammate to make a basket is considered an assist, while the prevention of the offensive player from making a basket by the defender is considered a block. If the offensive player makes a move to score, it means drive, and if a player walks incorrectly, the term steps is used.

The jump ball is called when the referee makes a jump ball to start the game. The term time out is used when a coach requests a time-out to give his team the necessary tactics. Passing the ball by hitting the ground is called a bauns pass. The quarterback is called guard, while the term striker is used for outside players. As basketball is widely played in Turkey, most of the terms are known.


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