“Very heavy climate in the locker room”, he balances everything on the Galtier scandal

Accused of having made racist remarks during his time at OGC Nice, Christophe Galtier firmly denies this and made things clear this Friday at a press conference. However, it seems that his second half of the season with the Aiglons was indeed delicate, as confirmed by Hugo Delom, journalist for the Team.

Last year, a split was born in the locker room of theOGC Nice between the players and part of the staff. In question, a dispute between the two parties during the Ramadan period where the club would not have shown total respect for the fasting of certain players. However, the affair was somewhat hushed up due to the departure of Christophe Galtier from PSG this season. Finally, these are the words of Julien Fournier – ex-director of football at Nice – on RMC Sport a few months ago, which added fuel to the fire, before the email he sent to Ineos last season was revealed this week.

A team plunged into misunderstanding

According to the journalist Hugo Deloml’OGC Nice experienced strong moments of tension last spring: “Beyond Julien Fournier’s heavy accusations, there was indeed a very heavy climate in the Nice locker room throughout last season. And especially during the period of Ramadan. This subject had become almost an obsession internally. The players, of Muslim faith but not only, did not understand the position of part of the staff at the time on this subject. And have expressed their willingness to fast, including on match days” he blurted out.

Nice players still resent Galtier

Hugo Delom also informs that the players concerned have still not digested the behavior of Galtier towards them : “What is interesting today is to measure the degree of persistent bitterness of these players with regard to Christophe Galtier. Le Gym asked its players this week not to discuss this subject – on their social networks or in the mixed zone –. Many would have liked to give their point of view. said the reporter. As a reminder, the public prosecutor of Nice confirmed this Friday the opening of a preliminary investigation for racial and religious discrimination.


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