The violent declaration of Izzy Adesanya on Nigeria, her native country!

If he benefits from New Zealand nationality for having grown up there from the age of 10, Israel Adesanya considers himself above all as a citizen of Nigeria, the country where he was born. It is because of this legitimacy that the Stylebender dared to make a polemical remark on his state, without trembling…

Everything goes (rather) fast in the world of MMA. Criticized last November after being knocked out by Alex Pereira, Izzy Adesanya is now the star of the moment after taking his revenge against “Poatan” in the main event of UFC 287. salary received by the Stylebender for this fighthe has every reason to be smiling… or almost.

Fearlessly, Izzy Adesanya takes a stand on Nigeria

A committed personality, who does not hesitate to debunk certain clichés about machismo and virility in the MMA world, Adesanya is also endowed with a strong political conscience. Although he only lived in Nigeria until he was 10 years old, before leaving for New Zealand with his parents, the native of Lagos obviously retains a strong attachment to his land.

This is why the middleweight champion wanted to speak publicly to denounce the corruption that plagues the country. Realize: according to the CPI, the official global indicator on the subject, Nigeria is the 150th most corrupt country on the planet. A situation known to all, and against which Adesanya uttered a courageous rant recently:

“Nigeria is a very corrupt place. I love my people, but it’s just that in government everyone is trying to find a way to siphon off money.”

– Israel Adesanya

It must be said that despite the expectations following the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, who had launched a major anti-corruption plan, nothing or almost nothing has changed. Just a few months ago, the country’s Accountant General Ahmed Idris, whose term was extended by Bugari in 2019 despite reaching legal age, fell on charges of money laundering and embezzlement. of public funds.

Cases of this type are unfortunately commonplace in Nigeria, which has the effect of demoralizing the honest and hardworking population of the country. There is no doubt that the position taken by Adesanya, obviously influential in Nigeria and recently honored by a letter from the country’s High Commissioner, will have a strong impact on the spot. With what effects? Of course, that remains to be seen…

Izzy Adesanya was not afraid to denounce the ambient corruption that reigns in Nigeria, and it must be said that the facts do not fail to prove him right. A brave move from the UFC fighter that will hopefully produce at least a small improvement in the situation.


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