The reaction of Sandra Borghi’s son when receiving a greeting from Lionel Messi for his birthday

The reaction of Sandra Borghi’s son when receiving a greeting from Lionel Messi (Instagram)

What Lionel Messi He became the greatest popular idol of the Argentine Republic, there is no doubt. And this is reflected in every visit that the captain of the world champion team makes to the country. Without going any further, on the occasion of the friendly match against Panama that was played last Thursday, March 23 at the monumental, the player was in Buenos Aires. And there was a real stir both when he decided to go eat at a traditional grill in Palermo, and when the rumor spread that he was going to see his friend Nico Vazquez in Tootsie and Corrientes street collapsed.

It is that, although the man from Rosario was already revered before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, after he raised the long-awaited cup he became the figure that everyone wants to meet. Especially the boys who grew up watching his efforts and who learned from him that in life you shouldn’t give up in the face of adversity. Therefore, for his son’s 12th birthday Valentine, Sandra Borgo The goal was to get a special greeting for the child. And she got it.

In a video that the host of Noon News posted on his account Instagram, you can see the boy’s reaction when his mother surprises him with a message from Messi. Hi Valentin, happy birthday. Well, nothing, I hope you have a great time, that you enjoy your day. From here I send you a hug and all the best. Take care of yourself,” Lionel tells him. But, as soon as he begins to speak, the boy jumps out of his chair in disbelief. And only after several attempts did he finish listening to the happy birthday wish that the soccer player had recorded for him.

Sandra Borghi and Valentín during the match that the Argentine team played against Panama (Instagram)

Along with the post, Borghi wrote some heartfelt words: “Dream come true! It was what he wanted most in his life. He goes to bed watching the goals and wakes up with @leomessi’s matches. I believe that neither Messi nor his beautiful and humble family are aware of everything that happens to ordinary mortals. This was possible thanks to Celia’s huge heart… the mother of the GREAT MESSI. That woman who with her simplicity understands everything and she feels everything. I love you Celia. And I for a son, those who know me already know, under the clouds of heaven if they ask me, I am capable of everything and more “.

Then he continued: “Thank you Leo for so much. Life shows you all the time how great you are, but I won’t get tired of saying it… today your message made my son the happiest boy on earth with his 12 years. THANK YOU @leomessi, THANK YOU HUGE. Celia I love you AND THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR THIS. THIS POST SUMMARS MY BIRTHDAY GREETING THIS YEAR. For you, dear son, the best in the world… I will always be there to accompany you in everything you want and dream of. In everything you propose in life. In everything that makes you happy. Because your happiness is mine. Because you are my whole life like your sisters and because you made me and make me the happiest woman on earth. I love you @valenmacdougall.”

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