The Girona women’s junior team is proclaimed Champion of Catalonia (64-40)

Básquet Girona gets rid of Sant Adrià without contemplation and proclaims itself champion of Catalonia for Junior Women’s Preferential. The players led by Daniel Lives have been imposed by 64 a 40 to the Barcelona team in the last match of the final phase of the championship that was played this weekend at the Sports Pavilion in Salt. If yesterday’s victory against Mataró by 58 to 48 meant the presence of Girona in the Spanish Championships, the victory against Sant Adrià is the icing on the cake of a brilliant campaign that places them as one of the great rivals to beat in the state final phase that will be held in Andalusia from April 30 to May 6.

Faced with the two fans in the stands, the women from Girona have been able to hold back and have shown superiority on the court from the start of the match. In a competitive first quarter, the Vives team took the lead (15-10) and extended it to a brilliant second quarter, where they have proven to be far superior to Adrianenkas. The success of three and the low score of the “lilas” has allowed Básquet Girona to go to the break with a difference of 21 punts (37-16).

The break has served the Girona women to maintain the rhythm and to pronounce the differences even more on the court. With a remarkable effectiveness in shooting threes, and in front of a more erratic Sant Adrià when realizing the superiority of Girona, Daniel Vives’s team managed to face the last quarter with a cushion of 23 points in the electronic ( 51-28). In the last quarter, the Barcelona team kept trying despite the score and managed to stop the gap from Básquet Girona continuing to widen. That overwhelming success of Girona has diminished and has allowed Sant Adrià not to leave Salt with an even more scandalous result. The game ended 64-40.

Bàsquet Girona has celebrated it with an outpouring in front of basketball legends such as Marc Gasol and Laia Palau, as well as its devoted fans.

2023-04-16 12:06:31
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