Surprise with Trincao: the clause was activated!

There are news with Francisco Trincao. Sporting de Portugal has already activated the mandatory clause on this player. The Verdiblanco team certified the purchase option more than a month ago and therefore the Portuguese will continue with the Lions next season.

The player, who was on loan from Barcelona since the beginning of the season, he had a clause included in the deal that would be easy for Sporting to activate automatically. This is how they wanted to close it from the Camp Nou offices. As confirmed The game, so it has been. As soon as the club guaranteed permanence this season in the First Division of the Portuguese league, this was carried out.

Seven million to Barcelona

The lions then had to pay seven million euros to Barcelona, ​​an amount that is added to the 3 million euros that they had to pay for the transfer.. From that moment on, Sporting now has 50% of the player’s rights, so you could already make a profit if a possible sale was made.

It is one of the options that Sporting is considering. If an offer came for Trincao, I wouldn’t say no. The former Barça player did not start the season very well but little by little he is picking up a good rhythm. Last weekend he scored a hat-trick against Casa Pia. He already has 9 goals and an assist in the domestic competition.

Trincao, for the moment, is sure that he will continue in Portugal unless the club intends to get performance out of the strikereither. After several seasons on the tightrope, he looks stabilized. Gone is his suffering since he was one of the most expected signings at the Camp Nou and it never worked out…


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