Scoundrel individual follow-up: Broun, Campaz and Quintana got on the podium

Jorge Broun: 7. He had made a mistake by rejecting to the center a ball that seemed easy but the stick saved him; then he vindicated himself with a pure reflex save to avoid the tie and add the third unbeaten fence in the last 4 games.

Damian Martinez: 6. She left everything as usual. He parried several dangerous balls and came close to scoring in the first half.

Facundo Mallo: 7. His usual solidity. He won almost all the owners. He was wrong with some other ball at the start.

Carlos Quintana: 7. very firm He took everything from above and below and almost reached the goal with a header in the first half.

Alan Rodriguez: 5. Some interesting projections such as one that led to a great center for Quintana; in the Cuero and Casarez complement they complicated it and Russo changed it.

Walter Montoya: 7. Great match with and without the ball. It was the thermometer of the team. For several games he has been raising the level.

Kevin Ortiz: 7. He ran and got the whole game. Increasingly entrenched in the middle with Montoya.

Lautaro Giaccone: 5.5. Intermittent. A couple of stacked ones in the first half and a millimeter pass to leave Malcorra one on one before being replaced.

Ignacio Malcorra: 6.5. Great assistance to Campaz in the goal and clarity to play. He missed a very clear one at the start of the second stage.

Jaminton Campaz: 7. The goal after a fanned and a great shot that Rey covered him. It was spicy all night although it did not always resolve well.

Alejo Veliz: 5. He had a clear one in the second half but they just covered it. He fought them all but won very few.


Gino Infantino: 4. She went wrong again. In another tune.

Lucas Rodriguez: 5. She had to enter at the worst moment but she fulfilled the mark.

Jonathan Candia: 4. Very loose. He lost practically all the balls that he went to play.

Juan Cruz Komar: 6.5. He put a great cross down in the small area to avoid the tie


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