Ricardo Salinas Pliego ‘busted’ the Liga MX fans on social networks – Fox Sports

Ricardo Salinas Pliego ‘busted’ the Liga MX fans on social networks – Fox Sports

Ricardo Salinas Pliegoowner of Mazatlan FChas once again generated controversy in its social networks. After publishing a video, where you can see the action of Fernando Hernandez about Lucas Romeroa user answered something that perhaps bothered this character:

Liga mediocre, mediocre owners, players mediocremediocre selection, mediocre results”, wrote the account ‘DinoStandUpMX‘. Given this, Ricardo Salinas Pliego He responded ironically:mediocre audience”. With this, again generated controversy.

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Arturo Brizio revealed if Fernando Hernández could lose the FIFA Badge

Fernando Hernandez has been the topic of conversation after the America vs Leon of the weekend. After dropping a knee to Lucas Romero from Fairthe question has arisen: Could he lose his FIFA badge looking forward to the next world Cup? This answered Arthur Brizio:

“I do not think that FIFA going to get into this. It would be very serious if Arbitration Commission stop proposing to Fernando Hernandez. If your arbitration level does not give you, I would agree. For one of these incidents, it would be very unfair to me. It would be a double penalty. I think that loses ground in the fight for the World Cup. He was the only one who competed with Cesar Arturo Ramos”.

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Who should sanction Fernando Hernández?

Arthur Brizio added, that the Arbitration Commission It is not the right body to sanction Fernando Hernandez. The authority indicated to do so is the Disciplinary Commission:

“No one can argue that it was not the right thing to do, the loss of emotional control of Fernando Hernandez. There is a penalty regulation. The appropriate body is the Disciplinary Commission. To the Arbitration Commission it is not up to him to sanction the whistler knee”.

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