Refrigerators crashes against Guadalajara

Bad start to the month of April for Frigoríficos del Morrazo-Construcciones Castro. Today they were up against a direct rival in the fight for permanence and who also came to O Gatañal as bottom team, Cívitas Guadalajara. But Alcarreño team took a comfortable victory (27-31) and that leaves many doubts in the Cangueses. All despite a pavilion that was full and that did not stop encouraging its players at any time.

The game began with an exchange of goals, although Guadalajara always had an advantage. In minute 12 the local coach, Nacho Moyano, already had to request a timeout with a 5-7 on the electronic. Cangas seemed to wake up in defense, applying more intensity and was able to tie again. An equality that was maintained until 10-10 because in the last ten minutes of the first period Guadalajara gave a growth spurt, reaching a three-goal advantage (12-15, min.24). In that final stretch it was the success of Lucas Aizen, with four goals, which kept Cangas alive, which reached the break with a 15-18 deficit and saving one last action in which the visitors could get to four.

one was expected reaction after passing through the locker room and it certainly came. In barely seven minutes, Frigoríficos achieved a partial 4-1 and leveled the game again (19-19, min.37). When it seemed that he had achieved the most difficult the Cangas got stuck in attack, with losses and numerous throwing errors. Too many to win a match. In a seen and unseen from 19-19 it went to 19-22. Guadalajara went up to four goals (20-24, 21-25), but Cangas was able to reach the last ten minutes alive (23-26). A save by Gerard Forns gave the possibility of reducing the deficit to two goals in the middle of a pavilion that did not stop encouraging his team.

The reaction did not go beyond that and Cangas crashed again and again in attack. Guadalajara did not have any difficulties to take a victory from O Gatañal, where they came to have a advantage of up to six goals (23-29).

This result breathes life into a direct rival and leaves Cangas with 15 points, in the penultimate position.


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