Nadal received the replica of his statue

A replica of the statue of Rafael Nadal at Roland-Garros now sits in the player’s academy in Mallorca. Amélie Mauresmo and Gilles Moretton made the trip to bring him.

Since 2021, Rafael Nadal, the legend of clay, has the right to his statue at the entrance to the Roland-Garros stadium. Now he has a replica of this statue in his Academy in Majorca. Roland-Garros director Amélie Mauresmo and French Tennis Federation president Gilles Moretton brought her the miniature (1/10 scale replica) of the steel work designed by Jordi Díez Fernandez two years ago , which depicts him performing a forehand, mouth open and feet off the ground. The statue now sits in a room where there are mythical objects of Spanish sport, such as a bicycle by Miguel Indurain, a Renault by Fernando Alonso or shoes by Pau Gasol.

“Roland-Garros is the most important place in my career and I am very happy to have this statue there. To be able to have this replica here, in my hometown, at the Museum and in a place so close to me, for my family and for my team makes it even more special. I’m very grateful to everyone who made this possible and it’s now here next to my trophies for everyone to come and see.”reacted the man with 22 Grand Slam tournaments, who dreams of winning a fifteenth Roland-Garros.

Mauresmo: “Very happy to have had the chance to share these privileged moments with Rafa”

“The values ​​and spirit of the Rafa Nadal Academy are exactly what Rafa is as a person: humble, well-educated and a hard worker, for her part declared Amélie Mauresmo. These are among the values ​​that make him who he is as a player and as a human being. The players we saw at the academy are in very good hands and on a personal level, I am very happy to have had the chance to share these special moments with Rafa himself”.

Gilles Moretton was also full of praise for the champions: “For many years, Roland-Garros and Rafa Nadal have enjoyed a privileged and special relationship and we have found here at the Academy what he is, with his values. We have always had very constructive and friendly discussions with Rafa to grow tennis, and it is an honor to have him as an ambassador for the game. Rafa Nadal and Roland-Garros have become inseparable” It remains to be seen how long the story will last…



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