Millonarios wins in Bucaramanga and is partial leader of the League

Good start to the game for Millonarios at the Alfonso López stadium in Bucaramanga. With an alternate roster, Alberto Gamero’s team had two clear scoring options in the first minutes of the game. They were shots off the post: the first at 7′ with a left foot shot by Juan Pablo Vargas on the crossbar and the second at 9′ through Óscar Cortés after a rebound from goalkeeper Cristopher Varela. The ball hit the left vertical.

The ambassador had a more direct game and on the wings, something that reminded him of what he played last year with Daniel Ruiz and Carlos Andrés Gómez, today in Brazil and the United States respectively. On this occasion, Quiñones, Cortés and Guerra generated constant danger on the sides. It was a fast and counterattacking team in those first 45 minutes.

Ramiro Alberto Brochero, a 23-year-old youth player, was Gamero’s center forward in the absence of Leo Castro and Fernando Uribe. The attacker showed good movement and combinations going in and out, and after 12 minutes he almost scored with a mid-range shot that went very close to the Bucaramanga goal.

The locals reacted after 25 minutes and led by Javier Reina They smoothed out the process a bit. The ’10′ played thrown to the right with the intention of being in a changed profile to have a better panorama, taking advantage of his good punch from medium and long distance. The scorer Gonzalo Lencina was well controlled by the Millonarios center-backs.

Luis Carlos Ruiz returns with the goal

Teófilo Gutiérrez entered Atlético Bucaramanga at 63 minutes for Gustavo Torres. He stopped as a second striker to give Lencina more company. Millonarios also refreshed his attack with Luis Carlos Ruiz for Brochero at 67 ‘, He returned after receiving medical discharge for a tachyarrhythmia.

The first goal was born at Ruiz’s feet. Long pass to Quiñones, he gains speed and is fouled in the area that is awarded as a penalty. The samarium asks for it and charges it to the left side of the goalkeeper who jumped to the other side. First goal of the season for the 36-year-old striker.

The final 0-2 was scored by Quñones after a good play on the right by Cortés in which he hit a wall with Ruiz. The goalkeeper rebounded and the winger only had to throw himself to push it.

With this win as a visitor, Millonarios is the partial leader of the championship with 21 points, is waiting for what happens with the matches of América and Águilas Doradas this Sunday, April 2. Bucaramanga is thirteenth with 11 units.

Millionaires debut in Copa Sudamericana

After this victory in Bucaramanga, The Bogotá team focuses on Tuesday’s Copa Sudamericana match before Defense and Justice of Argentina. It will be played at the El Campín stadium from 9:00 pm, Colombian time. Two weeks later, he will travel to Uruguay to face Peñarol de Montevideo for the second date of group F.

In BetPlay League, Millonarios’ next match will be against Deportivo Independiente Medellín at the El Campín stadium (Saturday, April 8 at 8:30 pm). Bucaramanga will visit Deportivo Pereira on Sunday 9.


Core Maza (45′, Jork Becerra), Teofilo Gutierrez (62′, Gustavo Torres), Luis Carlos Ruiz (66′, Ramiro Brochero), dewar victoria (75′, Kliver Moreno), Luis Paredes (75′, Edgar Guerra), Aldair Zarate (84′, Victor Mejia), yeison moreno (84′, Diego Chavez), Beckham David (89′, Oscar Cortés), Andres Murillo (89′, Yuber Quinones)


0-1, 79′: Luis Carlos Ruiz0-2, 85′: Yuber Quinones


Referee: Carlos Arturo Ortega Jaimes
VAR Referee: Óscar Javier Gómez Florez, Luis Picon
Jork Becerra (39′,Yellow) Jorge Arias (55′,Yellow) Alex Moreno (61′,Yellow) Haider Borja (71′,Yellow) Edgar Guerra (74′,Yellow) dewar victoria (80′,Yellow) david gomez (94′,Yellow)


Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

13 11 3 4 4

12 11 3 3 5

11 11 2 5 4

10 11 2 4 5

10 10 3 1 6
Classification PT PJ PG PE PP

21 10 6 3 1

20 10 6 2 2

20 10 6 2 2

19 10 5 4 1

18 11 4 6 1


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