Malvín defeated Urupan in overtime and was only one win away from the semifinals

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Malvín, in a very intense match that went into overtime after a tie at 82, beat Urupan 96-92 and placed the quarterfinal series in their favor 2-1.

The game had a first stage of first parity, with the players achieving a small distance with the good entry of Juan Diego Cabillón that allowed him to open four at the end of the first 10′ (22-18).

Those four became nine away midway through the second quarter, but the Pandenses reacted and found solutions in Fernando Martínez, Mateo Sarni and Zygimantas Riauka to discount and pass, going to the long break three ahead (44-41).

The truth is that the game was very even and they were exchanging defensive streaks with runs to move to the front or recover when their rival wanted to distance themselves.

Nash in the Canelones team, as well as Hamilton and Souberbielle in the beach team, led the offense of their teams. The truth is that an unsportsmanlike foul and free kicks at the close gave Camiña’s team a slight advantage of three points (64-61).

In the ten finals, two three-pointers by Germán Silvarrey gave the locals five rentals that, with good defenses headed by Sarni, the visitors cut it to one with just over five minutes left (70-69).

The game was give and take, with difficulties and losses in both and specific appearances at key moments that allowed the distances to be maintained in a possession entering the closing 2′.

And there appeared Donald Robinson (who had 15 in the last quarter), to place a triple that only kissed cool to give Yaquinta’s team three advantages (82-79) with 43” to play. The answer was in the same way with Hilliard to leave everything in a draw once again at 82. Nothing changed the result until the horn and the duel went into overtime.

Robinson, who was intractable, not only scored but also assisted Riauka to open up the first three-point gap. But Anthony Hilliard did not give up and placed a tremendous triple for 89 equals.

The last minute of the game was all from the player, with a free kick by Lucas Capalbo, accompanied by a three pointer by Germán Silvarrey to open four points (93-89) with 23” to go. for 96-92

In the winner, Hilliard stood out with 18 points, 4 rebounds and five assists, accompanied by Lucas Capalbo with 15 units and Daniel Hamilton with 13 rebounds and 11 assists. In Urupan, Donald Robinson finished with 25 points and 4 assists, being by far the best on his team.

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