Laso and Altuna III throw flowers at each other

“I’m not going to give you headlines”, was one of the first sentences of Altuna III at the Bizkaia in Bilbao this Tuesday. The Amezketarra grows by leaps and bounds in all aspects. On and off the field. He has everything measured. He doesn’t say a word too much that he may ultimately harm him. The magician is a magician 24 hours a day. “Classic? I focus on what is mine and on doing things well. He does his career and I do mine. He is 26 years old and I am 27, hand in hand we have a similar game and he is a great pelotari. I always play at ease against him”, the Gipuzkoan praised the current champion. Laso and Altuna III meet on Sunday at Bizkaia in the first group game for both (5:15 pm, ETB1).

The last precedent between the two hand in hand smiles at Bizkarreta. It is the only time that he has been able to overcome Altuna III individually. “I’ll have to see 17-22 repeated to find out what I have to repeat,” Laso joked about that Manomanista semifinal that overcame Jokin and which ultimately helped him win his first Manomanista. «Being at the level he is at, it is very difficult to stop him. The other day in Azkoitia he also played a lot. I will try to use my weapons, shoot hard, serve well… I have to do everything to win against one of the best. I’m hungry for the ball and I have to show that on Sunday,” Laso analyzed.

For her part, Altuna III knows that “there will be times when I am going to have to suffer. When I have the serve I will try to take advantage of it to hurt him. The 17-22 of last year? He beat me well, deservedly, he came to the game better than me and he beat me. But the other times that I beat him does not mean that I am more, maybe I was better than him. That game is worthless, “he said, thinking about the present.

The two separated the material in a seen and unseen. They separated the four fastest balls from the basket. «We are both looking for the same thing, fast balls with which to do damage. There are no excuses with the material and they are very good balls to play with”, they agreed. The old classics in which everything was said about the material have also passed into history. Modern ball. The champion was the first to choose, he separated balls that weighed 105.6 grams (1) and 104.9 (2). Altuna III opted for a heavier one. Theirs stopped on the scale at 104.6 grams (3) and 106.4 (4).

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