He cries scandal, OM will hallucinate


He cries scandal, OM will hallucinate

Posted on April 1, 2023 at 10:15 a.m.

Led 1 goal to 0, OM relied on a penalty converted by Mattéo Guendouzi to limit the breakage and take a point against Montpellier. Despite the intervention of video assistance, this arbitration decision is debated on the Montpellier side. Michel Der Zakarian expressed his incomprehension after the meeting.

L’ABOUT will have needed a penalty, transformed by Mattéo Guendouzi, to extricate himself from the Montpellier trap this Friday evening. Indeed, following a strike fromAlexis Sanchez opposed by the arm of Your Mamadou, the referee of the meeting decided to indicate the small white point. A decision that is difficult to understand Michel Der Zakariansatisfied despite everything with this good point brought back from Velodrome.

“It’s not easy to come and win here”

« We would have preferred to win but it’s not easy to come and win here either. We defended well collectively. We were very disciplined, it’s good “, underlined the coach of the MHSC at a press conference, before discussing this famous penalty awarded to loon.

A “severe” penalty for Der Zakarian

« I also find that the penalty is severe. Because he (Mamadou Sakho) against the ball. I believed when it touched a lower limb and it came on the bottom, there was no penalty. In addition, the ball does not go towards the goal. When you tackle, you can’t have your arms back “, added Michel Der Zakarian. An opinion which is unlikely to be shared loonvery happy to have equalized.


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