Girona B complicates promotion options in Badalona (2-1)

Step back from Girona B to compete for promotion. The white-and-red subsidiary lost 2 to 1 against Badalona despite taking the lead with a goal from Kemo. The defeat complicates the options of contesting the play-off for the Girona team. They are five points off the promotion playoff positions with three games remaining.

Intense start between Badalona and Girona B, in a duel where both teams needed the three points, the locals to avoid relegation and the visitors to hold on to the play-off. Kemo had the first clear chance of danger in the 16th minute, but Froi was very skilled in stopping the ball. The striker would not miss two minutes later and put Girona B ahead on the scoreboard. The goal has spooked the Spanish fans, who tried to equalize the game without success before the break.

Girona B had the opportunity to make the second only to start the second half. Froi, again, has avoided the target. From a possible 0 to 2 it has gone to a tie. Suzuki combed through a cross from Marc Anglès that ended up slipping into Iker Piedra’s goal. Badalona would complete the comeback with a penalty through Walid (62′). Girona B had the option of tying the game again with a tight ball from Artero, although Santiago Álvarez’s men could also have ended the game.


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