Gerhart Herrmann Mostar: John Walker writes to his mother |

Broadcast: NDR radio play box | 04/30/2023 | 7:00 p.m. | von Mostar, Gerhart Herrmann

62 Min
| Available until 04/25/2024

Crime radio play by Gerhart Herrmann Mostar

John Walker tried his luck in New York. His old mother is happy about his letters from afar. When they suddenly fail to appear, the caring postman promises to go in search of John. He learns from the press that his son, convicted of murder, is awaiting execution. The postman visits the death row inmate and persuades him to compose letters “in reserve” to his mother. Because she shouldn’t know anything about his actions. And so John Walker invents for her the successful life that he had actually hoped for in New York.

With Wolfgang Wahl (John), Lotte Klein (Mrs. Erikson), Max Walter Sieg (postman), Heinz Sailer (prison director), Herbert AE Böhme (inspector), Sonja Wilken (Ellen), Hans Lietzau, Kurt Klopsch, Eric Schildkraut, Gerd Fricke, Hans Rosenhauer, Günther Jerschke, Jo Wegener, Franz Schafheitlin

Director: Fritz Schröder-Jahn

Composition: Siegfried Franz

Ton: Peter Gawehn, Werner Schmidt

Editor: Susanne Birkner

Production: NWDR 1953

2023-04-25 12:30:34
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