Few expected this: Top star Russell extends BBL club – basketball

This decision is surprising!

The EWE Baskets Oldenburg make a statement. MVP candidate DeWayne Russell (29) has extended his contract early and will wear the Lower Saxony shirt until at least 2025. Together with Eric Washington (29/Heidelberg), the Oldenburg player is the best points scorer in the league with 19 points on average.

Russell: “I didn’t have to think long. My family and I fell in love with Oldenburg. This is the club I want to play for, I feel good here. This is mainly due to the people in this city and in this club.”


Streich totally clarified
“We’ve had other great victories…”

Those: FCBayern.TV

A strong sign from Russell. Because: Several clubs at the top European level – especially from Italy – have asked about the basketball Bundesliga star. A change would have been the next logical step. In basketball it is common for foreign professionals to play for different clubs every year in order to make as much money as possible.

But Russell decided against coal and in favor of the Oldenburg location. Club boss Hermann Schüller: “We are proud that Weezy has decided to have a future here. That speaks to the work we do and the environment we create for the players.”

The main reason for Russell’s long-term extension is coach Pedro Calles. “It just clicks with him! Pedro is an excellent teacher. You’re still learning from him, and at a very high level. I absorb it all and then go out on the court and implement it,” explains the playmaker.

The coach says: “For me as a coach, it’s just great to have someone like him as a player and as a team leader. It’s also fantastic for the city and the club to have him as a figurehead. And in addition to his sporting qualities, DeWayne is a great enrichment for us.”


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