FCN after relegation knockout before a difficult upheaval


Niclas Füllkrug (below) and Even Hovland from Nuremberg are disappointed after missing promotion. Photo: Daniel Karmann

(Photo: dpa)

After the 0:1 The financially troubled francs are threatened with a highly complicated upheaval after the end of the two million-euro games against Eintracht Frankfurt. A repeat of their outstanding second division season is hardly to be thought of after the first tearful moments of missed promotion.

“We played at the upper limit, we got a lot out of this season. Now it’s also crucial who stays, who doesn’t stay, who comes along,” said coach René Weiler after the frustrating season finale and indicated a difficult balancing act. “It will not be taken for granted that the season will simply be repeated, but we will do everything we can to be able to play at the front again in the new season.”

Weiler addressed his players again in a short speech in the dressing room and then released them on vacation. For the coach, who is also being courted, the question arises: who from his current team will he welcome to the start of training at the end of June?

Sebastian Kerk recommended himself for a new chance with Bundesliga returnees SC Freiburg during his loan to the “Club”, Werder Bremen have a return option with Niclas Füllkrug, and Guido Burgstaller has also drawn attention to himself. Due to its license requirements, as in the recent multi-million dollar cases of Alessandro Schöpf (Schalke 04) and Niklas Stark (Hertha BSC), FCN is urgently dependent on the proceeds from player transfers.

“The jump would have been a blessing for the substance and economic power of the club,” said sports director Andreas Bornemann. “It won’t be easy with these circumstances,” admitted Weiler. “I actually know almost only complicated situations as a coach.” It is now at the club “right solutions” to be found.

FCN failed in the two relegation duels with Eintracht. The force of the strikers Füllkrug and Burgstaller, known from the 2nd Bundesliga, simply fizzled out on the Hessians’ defense, and there was nothing to be seen of the often praised rapid offensive game by Nuremberg, not least with the 0:1 on Monday evening.

“The players tried everything, but they just couldn’t prevail. Point. Ending. For 180 minutes we didn’t manage to assert ourselves against the defense and against our opponents,” said Weiler, openly admitting the failure. “The two games together showed the substance and quality of Frankfurt. The team did everything in their power to counteract this,” said Bornemann.

For the first time, as one of the main FCN managers, he has a duty to put together a squad that is as successful as possible. After the descent in 2014 under the then sports director Martin Bader and coach Valérien Ismaël, the team, which was put together at a sinister price, still proves to be a mortgage. Creative solutions are required at the indebted traditional club.

After all, Bornemann received clear signals from Weiler that they would continue to work together in the future. “I’m assuming that I’ll be here again in the new season,” said the Swiss, who will probably be able to continue to count on bright spots like Hanno Behrens. “It won’t be easy, it can get complicated. We’re trying to find solutions for the complicated new season.”


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