Falaise: students from Caen organize the Olympiads on Saturday May 27

3rd year undergraduate students at the UFR STAPS in Caen are organizing the Olympiads in Falaise on Saturday May 27, 2023. The Sport 2000 and Mondovélo stores are the sponsors of the event, via Patrick Machard and Ines Blais. ©Les Nouvelles de Falaise

Saturday May 27, 2023, a date not to forget in your diary. That day, students in 3e year of license at the UFR STAPS of Caen will set up an afternoon entitled The Olympiads of Cliff. Bertrand Durand, from Falaise, Antoine Maugin, from Villers-Bocage, Dorian Bertrand, from Flers, and Tony Grandsire, from Coutances, all four in sports management, are the organizers.

Three of the four students came to present the project on Wednesday 29 March. Or ? In the premises of Sport 2000, whose store has been open since Wednesday, March 22, as well as Mondovélo. Via Patrick Machard and Ines Blais, the two stores are sponsoring the operation.

An Olympic Games connotation

Falaise’s choice? “We were looking for a business that opens its doors and makes an inauguration,” observes Tony Grandsire. “We made an appointment with Patrick Machard and Ines Blais”.

In terms of timing, “it was too late,” says Patrick Machard. It was better to shift the event and do something more readable. It also allowed us to bounce back from this event.”

A dozen sports associations will be represented in the Parc de la Fresnaye, through a fun activity to discover the practice. “The idea is to give visibility to lesser-known disciplines such as archery,” continues Tony Grandsire.

The list of sports associations is not yet final. At the time of going to press, athletics and tennis gave a positive response.

For archery, fencing, handball and volleyball, confirmation was awaited from the organisers. Other associations such as judo could be present. Each person wishing to participate will have to register and participate in all the workshops, with a small snack at the key.

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In agreement with the sports department of the City of Falaise, the event will have an Olympic Games 2024 connotation, hence the name Olympiad. Tony Grandsire, one of the organizers.

In the communication plan, there will be the name and the logo of the City. The students are approved by the City.

We want to publicize the event within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometers around Falaise. The goal is for the local population to be aware. You have to make people want to come. Tony Grandsire, one of the organizers.

Encourage young people to join clubs

The students are counting on a participation of around 200 people. The purpose is to arouse interest in young people to join the clubs. If the target is intended for 6-25 years, ages sought by associations, it is open to everyone, and in particular to families.

The event, free, does not have a competitive character but promises to be rather festive. The organizers want to highlight it and alert the population. Flyers and posters will be published. The organizers are also relying on illuminated panels.

The Olympiades de Falaise will take place on Saturday May 27, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., in the Parc de la Fresnaye. A dozen associations from the Entente Sportive Falaisienne will be present. Admission will be free.

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