Dozens of ultras stopped before the Ländle derby: possible escalation prevented – Sport VOL.AT –

9.04.2023 12:29

(Akt. 9.04.2023 12:38)

Before the Ländle derby, the police stopped a coach with dozens of ultra-oriented fans. A summary of the match.

In the run-up to the Ländle derby between the Bundesliga clubs SC Austria Lustenau and SCR Altach, which was held yesterday in Lustenau’s Reichshofstadion, the police were informed that high-risk fans of FC Grasshopper Zurich had attacked the Vorarlberg fans of SCRA in clashes with fans of Austria support commemorate Around noon, several hours before the match, a coach with 70 people, including dozens of ultra-oriented fans, was stopped before arriving at the stadium and directed to the motorway police station in Dornbirn.

Firecrackers and drugs seized by police

A total of 33 Bengals, 13 firecrackers, a number of balaclavas and quartz gloves, pepper sprays and various narcotic drugs were confiscated in the course of the identity checks that were then carried out. The control, which was assisted by four officers from the St. Gallen cantonal police, went smoothly and without any particular incidents. The game itself, in which pyrotechnic objects were detonated by other groups of fans but there were no arguments between the fans themselves, went off without any special incidents from the police point of view.


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