China Assaulting Latin America, by Eric Chol

It is an all-out offensive, launched twenty years ago, and which is accelerating. In the sights of China, Latin America, too long forgotten by the neighboring protective power, the United States. Since his arrival at the White House, Joe Biden has been trying to straighten out the situation without managing to slow down the Chinese steamroller.

Investments, loans, technologies, major contracts: China is expanding its presence on the South American continent every day, setting its sights on lithium mines in Bolivia, a mega-port project north of Lima or solar power plants in Argentina… The visit of Brazilian President Lula to Beijing has given additional impetus to this diplomatic operation: for Xi Jinping, who has already succeeded in attracting 21 Latin American countries to his web of Silk Roads, the closer ties with Brazil has become a priority, as the giant of the continent is essential to overthrow Western supremacy.

In quick succession, the appointment of former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as head of the bank for emerging countries (based in Shanghai) and the agreement reached with Brasília to short-circuit the dollar in favor of the yuan and the real prefigure the recomposition of the future international order desired by Beijing. Not to mention China’s active diplomacy to counter Taiwan. Last country to have changed sides: Honduras. In South America, only Paraguay remains to support Taipei. A domino which is likely to fall during the elections at the end of April. Patiently, China is weaving its web on the other side of the Pacific.


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