The 34th day of the Serie C championship, group B, is played at the “Dei Marmi” stadium in Carrara where the local Carrara challenge Siena. With the championship now winding down, the teams play to ensure the best possible placement in view of the playoffs, which is why the three points up for grabs are coveted by both.

The Curva Nord Lauro Perini as always, he looks good when the twenty-two athletes enter the field. The away fans, on the other hand, around 50 in tow, gather in the dedicated sector displaying a banner in memory of Andrea, an ultras who died prematurely. Once their banners and banners are attached to the railing to show their colors, they peremptorily ask the team to achieve victory.

However, it is the Carrarese that takes the lead and both in the Curva Nord Lauro and in the grandstand, where the Sector 1908joy explodes. The confidence injection allows Carrara to continue with good constancy and strength to support their boys on the pitch, who also find the goal of doubling.

It starts to rain but the bad weather doesn’t redraw the balance, with the ultras who don’t move and continue to cheer and wave their flags. Choirs of solidarity for the suspects, against the forces of order and teasing between the two fans. The hosts also find the third goal and at the triple whistle they go to cheer under the Curva Nord, thanking their fans as much as the Sienese whose fans, moreover, carry a burden of kilometers traveled and sacrifices without even the reward of the field . On the other hand, this is love for knitting, a love that does not ask for rewards a priori and that remains strong and immutable.

Andrea Ferdani